I had never listened to podcasts very much until the summer of 2018. Around that time, I chose to listen to an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience in which he interviewed Dr. Jordan Peterson. That episode lasted 3 hours, and I was shocked by how quickly the time seemed to pass by. The most interesting part to me was how much I felt I connected with Dr. Peterson, even though I’ve never had any contact with him. I felt that the length of the interview allowed Joe and Dr. Peterson to dig into the topics they discuss and go deeper than you would in a traditional interview format. This was the birth of the idea for “That’s Not Spit, It’s Condensation!”

Originally, I wanted to develop a platform in which I could get to know musicians that I respected in that same long format, as well as get some ideas of my own out into the general public. I wanted the length of each episode to be dictated by how long I (and my guest if applicable) could maintain the quality of content in the episode. Once I learned how to record phone calls, I quickly had the idea to add in a series in which I interviewed people who had won orchestral auditions, which was eventually titled “Wining the Job”. After that, I realized I could provide a resource for all the people who were freelancers as well, which eventually was titled “Freeway Philharmonic”.

I’ve learned an incredible amount in the time I’ve been producing content for this podcast. It has become one of the great joys of my life to share what I am learning with the music world. I hope this podcast becomes a resource in which musicians can find practical tips for helping their careers, as well as inspiration for how to continue growing as individuals.

I hope you enjoy the podcast!