Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been fortunate to connect with some university trumpet studios and give some masterclasses outlining ideas about how to improve practice room productivity with organization. We’ve been able to have some great discussions about the benefits of organizing your practice, and I hope that some part of the class […]

Continuing on with our series on how to build an effective practice routine, this post will dive into the value of programming your routine in cycles. Make sure you go back and read the other blog posts in this series. Part 1 dealt with assigning proper exercises based on your goals. Part 2 discussed how […]

This week we continue with part three in our series about building a personal practice routine. In the first part, we covered how to assign exercises specific to your goals, and in the second, how to determine proper tempos and repetitions for the exercises you choose. This post will continue with a discussion on three […]

A good friend of mine recently shared a blog post from Farnham Street titled, “The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals”. I would highly recommend reading it. It gives a myriad of examples of the differences between the two types of people. After that, read more. The whole website is gold. As I was reading, I […]