Glenn Michael Egner – ep. 20

Glenn Michael

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On this episode of the podcast, I chatted with Glenn Michael Egner, the librarian of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. Before working with the ASO, Glenn was the principal flutist of the Venezuelan National Orchestra.

Glenn is a good friend of mine, and I was really excited to be able to interview him. One night, while we were having dinner, he told us some absolutely insane stories from when he lived in Venezuela, and I knew I had to get him to tell them on the podcast.

As we learned from Carlos’ episode, the situation in Venezuela is quite dire. Glenn’s perspective is no less intense, and he is able to give insight and perspective that I am incredibly glad to have. When you talk to Glenn when he’s having a bad day, and he says “Oh well, things could be worse”, he’s not just saying it.. he’s lived it.

Glenn also goes into great detail about some of the great things he has experienced in his career, and you really get the picture that he is someone works hard because that’s the kind of person he is. To me, he is inspiring in so many ways. The best thing I think I took away from speaking with him is you may sometimes think you know somebody, but they might surprise you. You would never really guess from an average day to day interaction with him that he’s experienced so much horror in his life. I’ve realized that we should really try to make it a point to learn the stories that people have to tell. You never know what you might learn.

Quick note: Glenn is a great story teller. He has a way of really painting a great picture. In person, he’s quite animated. So animated that at times he would be facing away from the mic, bumping the mic, and at one point he stood up he was so into it. I love it so much, and I think the personality really comes through. But sometimes the sound gets a little softer or distant sounding. I just wanted you all to know it’s because he was just fully committed to bringing us all great content.

Here’s some music that Glenn likes to jam to

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