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On this episode of the podcast, we’re finally finishing out my series of conversations with Carlos Izcaray, music director of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. This episode was actually recorded at the same time at Part 2, but he gave such a thorough answer to the question I asked, I wanted to give it it’s own episode for you to enjoy.

The question I asked Carlos was a variation of the question I ask many of my guests at the end of their episodes. Instead of asking “Why do you think classical music is relevant to our culture and society?”, I asked Carlos “What do you think the role of an orchestra is in serving the community that it is in?” I thought it would be an interesting spin to ask a music director what value he thinks the orchestra can provide for it’s community.

At an hour and 20 minutes, it is a very thorough and thoughtful answer. He discusses how he believes it’s a minor miracle that symphony orchestras have continued throughout the centuries, before moving into his thoughts on how an orchestra can be a place of shared experience for it’s community. We also dive into how an orchestra might continue to evolve to meet the needs of their patrons.


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