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This episode of the podcast is a very special one for me. I’m breaking into the string world with an amazing conversation I was able to have with Paul Huang. Paul is an incredible musician who plays solos, recitals, and chamber music concerts all over the world. My first experience hearing him play with was the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. I’m so happy I had the opportunity to talk with him, as he is a warm and gracious person, full of inspiration and wisdom.

Here are a few takeaways from his episode:

Balance Is Key

Paul spoke about how balance in his life and career is important. He is careful to make sure his career opportunities are varied so he can continue to stay flexible as a musician. In his life, he values his time away from the instrument, giving the perspective that he believes we are all more than what we do for a living. His views on the importance of not identifying with your career is nothing short of inspiring.

What You Put Into It Is What You Get Out Of It

If you aren’t inspired by the music you are performing, how will you ever inspire others? Paul poses this question in the interview when talking about his views on performance. He also mentions how he believes music was always meant to be made with others, and that he doesn’t think of himself as a soloist. Your own desire to push past technique and serve the music with others is a key component to fulfillment in your musical journey.

There’s No Guarantee

The most inspiring part of the interview with Paul comes when he begins talking about how he believes passion is essential for long term sustenance in music. There are numerous quotes I could take, but I think I’ll share this one. He says:

“I always tell people, especially younger, budding musicians who want to become a musician, ‘I think before anything, before deciding if you’re talented or not, I think you need to carefully examine whether or not you have the kind of passion towards this field.. towards music in general.’”


I hope you enjoyed the episode. Here’s a Spotify playlist of music Paul enjoys listening to

Paul Huang – Ep. 37


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