You Know.. These Things Just Have A Way Of Working Themselves Out – Jared Rodin | Ep. 38


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This week on the podcast, I’m excited to bring you another Freeway Philharmonic episode. This one features Jared Rodin, a freelance trombone player living in Indianapolis, IN. He plays principal trombone in the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, teaches trombone at Butler University, and is part owner of “Wood and Rodin Inc”, where he is involved with hiring musicians and recording music for music publishers and other companies.

Jared was the bass trombone player in the Indianapolis Symphony when I was performing with that group. As we talk about in the episode, I actually ended up renting the house he owned that was right next door to his own. We spent a lot of time together, and Jared was there for me in a big way when I didn’t get tenure and was having relationship issues with the woman I was engaged to at the time.

He has so much good stuff to say. Here’s a few takeaways:


These Things Just Happen

In his episode, Jared talks about how he started his business with Bob Wood, second trumpet of the Indianapolis Symphony. While some people have dreams of starting their own company and being their own boss, Jared’s experience is far less exciting than that. In essence, Jared was already contracting in the Indianapolis area for church gigs and studio work, so he describes it as a natural progression from that to the business that it is today.

The reason this stands out to me is that it is clear that not all great ideas as fully formed when they are started. It’s normal to not have everything figured out at the beginning of the process. The important part is believing in the value of what you can provide, and going for it!


Always Be Prepared

As a trombone player, Jared has experienced quite a wide variety of musical experiences. His resume as an orchestral trombone player includes Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Alabama to name a few. He also plays with the Grand Teton Music Festival each summer in Jackson Hole, WY.

As a jazz/commerical trombone player, Jared has worked in the studio scene for many years. He regularly plays with the Steve Ali Big Band that performs at the Jazz Kitchen in Indianapolis. He even played with Frank Sinatra on New Years Eve at a hotel in Las Vegas one year (he tells that story in the episode).

So what does someone who has wide variety of skills on his instrument think is one of the most important things you can do as a freelancer? Be prepared. Know your part. Study the score. Listen to recordings. Show the musicians around you that you take it seriously, because they will notice. That kind of effort can go a long way in establishing a great reputation for yourself as a freelance musician.


I hope you enjoyed Jared’s episode. Thanks for listening!


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