If You’ve Never Tried Taking Off Your Shoes In The Warm Up Room.. You Should – Ryan Roberts | Ep. 50

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This week on the podcast, we have another installment of “Winning The Job”. This episode features Ryan Roberts, who recently won the English Horn position with the New York Philharmonic.

This is a great interview. There is so much simple, but effective advice on how to improve and be successful in auditions. Here are a few takeaways from our interview:

Sing Your Heart Out

Ryan talks about how there are many barriers to producing a consistent sound on the oboe and english horn. To combat this, Ryan sings a lot of the music he prepares. This helps him move past some of the physical issues he might face and focus on the essence of what he is trying to do musically. He also records himself and reflects on whether or not the recording of him playing sounds like his singing.

Keeping An Audition Journal

Keeping a journal has a variety of practical uses for musicians. Ryan talked about how he used one for his audition taking journey. Immediately upon finishing a round, he would write about what went well, what didn’t go well, whether or not he felt nervous, if the room felt hot or cold, etc. He mentions that paying attention to as many details as possible has been a big tool for his success.

Develop Your Own Best Preparation Style

One of my favorite parts of the interview is Ryan’s description of the habits he has developed before he plays a round. He said he doesn’t listen to classical music, instead he prefers to listen to his favorite pop songs. He takes his shoes off to feel a little more comfortable and at home in his warm up room. He might even dance a little bit to shake off the nerves.

I love this part because although it sounds a little silly to me, he knows that it works for him. He has a method that works for HIM. Whether or not we dance in the warm up room, we should all make sure we’ve thought through every aspect of how to be ready to perform our best.

Links –

Ryan’s website – http://www.ryanrobertsoboe.com

Ryan’s instagram – http://www.instagram.com/ryanjroberts

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