Criticism Is Part Of Taking A Risk – It Is Not The Critic Who Counts | Ep. 57

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This weeks episode of the podcast was inspired by Brene Brown’s special “The Call To Courage” on Netflix. I was watching it with Kathleen one night, and she began covering her thoughts on Teddy Roosevelt’s “The Man In The Arena” speech. Every time I hear this epic quote, I can’t help but get incredibly fired up!

I’ll save the details for the episode: it’s only 15 minutes. I did the whole episode in one take, so it won’t be as polished as some of the other episodes I’ve done by myself in the past. Life has changed so much since quarantine started and I don’t really feel that I’ve mastered how to live this new reality.

I hope this episode is encouraging for anyone who has dealt, is dealing, or will deal with people that are critical — so basically.. everyone. It’s easy for people to criticize those who are trying their best and failing. But if you’re one of the people that isn’t afraid to be honest, vulnerable, and open, your people are out there. Find them and surround yourself with their voice. It will make all the difference in the world.

I hope you enjoyed the episode. Thanks for listening! If you wouldn’t mind giving it a rating and a review on iTunes, I’d really appreciate that. Also, sharing on social media is a great way to help out too!

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