My Philosophy Is Work Hard, Play Hard – Brendan Fitzgerald – Ep. 59




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This week on the podcast, we have another installment of “Winning The Job”. This episode features Brendan Fitzgerald, bassist with the St. Louis Symphony, and waiting for information about trial weeks with the Minnesota Orchestra.

This episode is very special to me. Over a year ago, Brendan found content that I made talking about deep learning and percentage based practice and thought it was interesting. He made his own audition prep based on the methodology I described and won his next two auditions. It was enlightening to be able to talk to him after all this time and piece together what he did to be successful.

Brendan talks extensively in the episode about what he did and all the reasons he feels like it worked. What I like about this type of program is that there is a detailed record of EXACTLY what he did to be successful. In future auditions, Brendan can simply look back, see what he did, and do it again, knowing it can lead to a successful outcome.

For the rest of us, that detailed record of what he did means that we have a clear picture of how we might apply the methodology to ourselves. I’m going to attach some pictures that Brenden shared from his audition preps. Here’s some help to decode what you’ll see:

In addition to dates and excerpts, you’ll see letters, stacked numbers, and repetitions. A letter means a drone was used, stacked numbers means the metronome was on a different beat than the downbeat, and x5 means the excerpt was played 5 times.

As always, if you have any questions about the episode or anything else, feel free to reach out via social media or my contact page. I hope you enjoyed the episode!

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