The Greatest Opportunities Can Come From Building Meaningful Relationships – Maya Stone | Ep. 73




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This week on the podcast, I’m honored to bring you an interview with my very good friend Maya Stone. Maya is a freelance bassoonist in the Nashville area, and she has so much wisdom to share with all of us. Here are a few takeaways from her episode:

Anything Is Possible

In her episode, Maya told an amazing story about how an amazing opportunity in her career unfolded as a result of being open to new experiences and “going with the flow”. I really enjoyed her perspective because she acknowledges that one of the most fulfilling experiences in her career didn’t come about because she hustled more than anyone else, but rather because she made meaningful connections with other musicians and made decisions that would cultivate those relationships. While hard work is important in our lives, developing meaningful relationships with other people will not only help your career, but will enrich our lives as well. Win-win.

You Can’t Separate Growth

Maya’s discussion of how she views growth in her life resonated with me quite a bit. For a long time she said she separated growth in her career and her growth as a person. She recognizes now that growth in both areas cannot be separated; they are intrinsically connected to each other. Growth in one area will affect growth in the other, and to function our best we need to be able to focus on growing in both areas.

Maya and I also had a discussion about her experiences with racism and discrimination in her life, one that I won’t try to summarize in a paragraph in this post. I feel it’s important that we listen to others who have different life experiences than us and work to create an environment where people can thrive.

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