Deliberate Practice Is The Scientific Method Applied To Musicians – It’s Really That Simple – Jason Haaheim | Ep. 78




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This week on the podcast, we have a great episode that I hope will keep help guide your practice and practice organization for months to come. Jason Haaheim is the principal timpanist with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, and we sat down to have a LONG conversation about deliberate practice. If you don’t know his backstory, you’ll definitely want to check him out. Here are a few takeaways from his episode:

Deliberate Practice Isn’t Complicated

Just like the title of this post says – deliberate practice is simply the scientific method applied to music. Effective practice can seem like it’s complicated and impossible to nail down, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Simply starting by making a hypothesis about your playing, performing an experiment, and getting feedback can jump start the process of making your practice more deliberate. The good news is that you can also start today!

You Can’t Make The Job Everything

Jason is another musician that is adamant that having goals is important, but we can’t make the pursuit of career success our source of happiness. It’s a simple message, but we spoke for awhile on the importance of investing in finding a process for growth that you can trust. That way, you can always be learning and growing!

Sharing Is Caring

One thing that really impresses me about Jason is that his actions support his vocal desire to help others understand how to practice more deliberately. Whether he’s writing blog posts, teaching lessons, or running boot camps this past summer, he’s very active in trying to give back and help others learn. On top of that, making his boot camps “pay what you can” is pretty cool of him to do too!

Here are a few links to check out:

Jason’s website –

Jason’s story –

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