I Promised Myself The Next Audition Would Be The Last.. – Guy Piddington | Ep. 83




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This week on the podcast, we’re featuring Guy Piddington, who plays second trumpet with the San Francisco Symphony. I met Guy last summer at a Northwestern alumni event. We didn’t get to talk much there, so I’m really glad I had the chance to finally chat with him and get to know him. He’s such a nice guy (lol) and has so much good advice to pass on to us. Here are a few takeaways:

Everyone’s Career Path Looks Different

Guy spoke in our interview about how he freelance career ended up stretching out longer than he initially anticipated it would. He spent 10 years in New York subbing with orchestras, teaching, and playing musical theater shows. Although his career may not have panned out the exact way he thought, the lessons he learned from the opportunities he were definitely a main contributor to the success he has experienced in San Francisco.

The Tough Times Are Important

Guy got pretty raw and vulnerable in our chat, discussing the lowest point in his career. He was getting close at a lot of the auditions he took, but could never quite seem to win one. Eventually, out of frustration, he decided his next audition he took would be his last – and he didn’t win. Going through that difficult period taught him that he does actually love playing music, and that quitting isn’t actually what he wants. Fortunately for him, two auditions later he won his current position with San Francisco.

It Takes Authenticity To Find Success

One of the most important pieces of wisdom Guy provided about auditions was how it takes being authentically yourself to be successful. You can’t play wondering what the committee thinks, or if you’re doing things the way you should be, or anything like that. Believing that you have a great product to present and that the committee will enjoy your music making if you go for it gives off a confident vibe, one that provides more ease and comfort for the listener.

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