(This is the list from the 2019 Chicago Symphony principal trumpet audition) Listen on – iTunes Spotify Google Play Buzzsprout This episode was interesting for me to put together. Half of me feels like I’m making a big deal out of nothing. There are thousands of people who have taken an audition and haven’t advanced, […]

Listen on – iTunes Spotify Google Play Buzzsprout   On this edition of “Winning the Job”, I was able to speak to Nathan Clark and Sam Huss about their audition success. Thanks to both of them for being willing to speak with me, and congrats on your recent successes! I’ve known Nathan for a couple […]

This edition of winning the job features both Jeff Strong and Tyler Lindsay. Jeff recently won the third trumpet audition with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Tyler won a position with the Presidents Own Marine band. Congratulations to both of them! I’ve known Jeff for a couple of years now. I first met him at […]