Winning the Job – ep. 04

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This edition of winning the job features both Jeff Strong and Tyler Lindsay. Jeff recently won the third trumpet audition with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Tyler won a position with the Presidents Own Marine band. Congratulations to both of them!

I’ve known Jeff for a couple of years now. I first met him at an alumni trumpet ensemble concert at Northwestern. A few years after that we both played in an alumni brass ensemble concert, also at Northwestern. Recently, I started live streaming my practice sessions on Facebook, which is kind of a weird thing, but I’m enjoying it. From the early days of it, Jeff has been very supportive and I’m really appreciative of that. Thanks Jeff. It was really cool of him to be so open about his audition, and I had a really great time sharing stories with him and learning about his success. He was the first person I spoke with for this series, and I could tell that I’m really going to learn a lot from it.

I didn’t know Tyler at all, so contacting him basically amounted to a cold call. But, once I explained the idea behind the episode and gave him some idea of what I was hoping for, he seemed to be happy to share. To share quite a bit actually. Before I spoke with him, my plan was to highlight 6-8 people in an episode, looking for 3-4 minutes of content from each person. But Tyler had so much to say, I realized it would be much better if I had each person expand upon the reasons why they thought they were successful. He was very open in the conversation with me, and it was really cool to hear how thoughtful he is about his practice and approach.

Jeff Strong facebook

Tyler Lindsay facebook

Make sure to give both of those guys a huge shoutout and congratulate them on their success!

Show notes:

The Barbara that Jeff and I talked about is Barbara Butler, professor of trumpet at Rice University. We both studied with her at Northwestern. The Charlie we reference is Charlie Geyer, also professor of trumpet at Rice University. He was at Northwestern as well.

The Tony that Tyler mentions is Tony Prisk, who is second trumpet in the Philadelphia Orchestra, and teaches trumpet at Temple University.

I also made a Spotify playlist of some recordings that the LA Phil and the Marine Band have done. Check it out.

Jeff Strong/Tyler Lindsay – ep. 04

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