The Good, The Bad, and Things I Learned the Hard Way – ep. 05

the good

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This was a really fun episode to do, to look back and try to remember all the things that have happened over the years, both good and bad. Sometimes you don’t realize how far you’ve come until you take a second to look back. I’m not one to look back for too long, but especially reliving some of the failures I’ve had was really beautiful to me. As I said in the episode, many people want to change the negative things that happen to them, or wish they could change them. But for everyone, what we learn from those moments is what shapes us into the people that we are supposed to be. Also, people who are successful don’t always like to share their failures, maybe thinking it will make them look weak. But I think just the opposite. Sharing your failures shows the amount you persevered. When you see someone win an audition, you think “That’s wonderful. Good for them.” But when you know they had taken 40 auditions before they won that one, you can also respect how hard it must have been to stick with something that was hard to stick with. Failure is the only way to learn, in my opinion. There might be another episode with that somewhere..

The music from this episode, as I mentioned in the episode, is from a song called Caelum, by Ivy Garden. My good friend (and mastering engineer for the podcast) Brandon Jochum was a guitar player in the group. The group no longer exists, and their music is not on Spotify, so I asked Brandon to compile some music he likes and we’ll make a playlist from that. Good enough I suppose.

Brandon Jochum – ep. 05

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