Powerlifting and Music – ep. 02

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The music from the second episode of my podcast “Powerlifting and Music: What They Have In Common” comes from the band Empire Springs. The song is called “The Echoes”, and it’s from the album of the same name. It’s a 5 song EP they recorded in 2017.

I had recorded some sample episodes to give to certain people for feedback in the early stages of putting my podcast together. At that point, there was no music in the episodes, and I was just leaving space after major sections, knowing the listener would appreciate some time to reflect on the material that was covered. One friend, my mastering engineer Brandon Jochum, suggested I try adding music at those major section breaks. This way the listener could reflect, but it wouldn’t feel so empty.

I know that adding music can be a tricky thing, as royalties and copyright issues can be a problem, so I figured I would try and ask some of my music making friends if they had anything that I could use. I called my former trumpet student Brett Bellomy, bassist of Empire Springs, and asked him if they had anything I could use for this project. He sent me the song “The Echoes”. I worked it into the episode, and when I listened to it, I knew it was absolutely the right decision to make. It felt like it elevated the episode from “Good content, but kind of amateur” to “Legit sounding podcast episode”. I’ve since added music to other episodes I’ve recorded, and it’s been a lot of fun.

You can find a link to the Spotify playlist with their EP “The Echoes” here

Empire Springs – ep. 02


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