Dean Haist – ep. 07

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When I was thinking of freelancers that I knew that would make a great episode for my “Freeway Philharmonic” series, Dean Haist was one of the first names that came to mind.

Being from Lincoln, NE, I’ve known Dean for almost my entire musical career. I did jazz camps that he was a coach for, I competed in solo competitions that he was a judge for, and I attended countless concerts that he performed in, ranging from big band shows to wind ensemble concerts at Antelope Park.

This episode was pretty cool for me to do, as although I’ve known him for a long time, I’ve never had the chance to really get to know him and find out about his career and how he got to where he is. It’s amazing to me how creative Dean has been in seeking out opportunities for himself, and it’s inspiring to me how he has gone out and done his best to make those opportunities happen. As I said in the episode, not only has he created opportunities for himself and many other musicians in Lincoln, but the community as a whole benefits by having such a variety of high level music making happening all around them. I feel I learned a lot from this episode that I can apply to my own pursuits, and I hope other listeners can too.

The music from the episode was a track from the latest Nebraska Brass cd entitled “Blowout!”. If you’d like to hear more Nebraska Brass, you can find more on this Spotify playlist. I added a different cd, this one is called “25 years of great music”.

Dean Haist – ep. 07

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