Starting Over – Changing Embouchures with Dr. Matthew Vangjel – ep. 15

Matt Vangjel

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This episode is a little out of the ordinary for my podcast. Although it’s certainly music related, it’s a bit more specific that my normal episode content. At the risk of offending my non brass playing listeners, I felt this episode was really important to make. I’ve had some students that went through embouchure changes before I got them, and I even did an embouchure change with a student while I had him. I did not feel remotely qualified to understand how to make that change, and how to encourage a struggling student to keep going, that it would be worth it. I learned some basic ideas from my colleague Demondrae Thurman at Samford University so I could communicate basic ideals about changing your embouchure, but I wanted more information. Years later, I worked with another student that looked like he need to change his embouchure, so I called my friend Matt Vangjel. At this point I had started my podcast, and when I listened to him discuss this topic with me, I knew more people needed to hear his thoughts.

It’s a pretty brass specific episode, but I think it could be good for all instrument types to know, in case you might be in a position teaching brass players someday. Also, I hope the episode is pretty entertaining.. Matt and I had a great time recording it!

Matt has provided a link to a document that he has compiled with more quite a bit more detailed information on changing an embouchure. If you would like to know more than what we discussed in the episode, be sure to check out the link below!

The Dreaded Embouchure Change

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