Calvin Falwell – ep. 16

Calvin Falwell

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I’m so happy I had the chance to interview Calvin for the podcast. Although he’s 3rd/bass clarinet in the Sarasota Orchestra, I know him best as personnel manager for the Charlottesville Opera. I first played there a couple of a years ago, and he was incredibly warm and supportive of me being there. I played there two years later, but this time I was dating my now wife, Kathleen Costello, whom Calvin had gone to school with at Duquesne University. Fast forward a couple of months and Calvin played an all french program with us at the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. He did such a great job playing on that concert that I think Kathleen really wanted to try and get him to play bass clarinet on the Rite of Spring concert we did this past January. He was available, so he came to visit and played wonderfully. On that particular visit, I had just started the podcast, and Kathleen suggested I interview him and talk to him about how he’s created many of the opportunities he’s had in his career. Calvin agreed, and now we have this episode!

For me, the part I love about doing this podcast is getting to know people that I come in contact with but would never really sit down and talk about this kind of specific stuff. I had no idea Calvin was such a go getter, and has no problem putting himself out there to try and make things happen for him. You’ll have to listen to the episode to get the full context, but I think there is a lot to emulate about his tenacity. Unless someone has a full time orchestra job, your connections and your reputation are how you get opportunities. I would say Calvin is a great example of someone who is always looking forward to the next thing, and I was happy to hear that he recognizes that he should also work to pay it forward to others looking to succeed as well!

Here’s a Spotify playlist of stuff Calvin enjoys listening to on long bike rides

Calvin Falwell – ep. 16

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