Just Because You Have A Great Microphone Doesn’t Mean You Know How To Use It – Patrick Oliverio | Ep. 61




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This week on the podcast we’re featuring my good friend and epic beard grower, Patrick Oliverio. I’ve known Patrick for many years, and he’s been incredibly supportive of the podcast and of my content in general. He’s also a fellow powerlifter/strongman!

It seems like our current social situation has encouraged a great many musicians to try their hand at recording themselves and posting online. Patrick is one of those people, but he also recognized right from the beginning that this would be a great time to not only make videos, but to also refine his skills as a content producer. I thought it would be nice to you all to hear from someone who has a gained a good deal of experience in recording brass instruments with the hope that we might all be able to use this time to better understand the process ourselves.

The episode covers a lot of ground with specific microphones, set up tips, and advice for different budget levels. Since Patrick is the expert, I’m going to link his blog post titled “Technology in Music” for even MORE information about recording. Hopefully the podcast episode and his blog post can serve as a great starting point for those musicians out there looking to hone their personal recording skills.

Patrick’s blog post “Technology in Music” – https://www.patrickoliverio.com/post/technology-in-music

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Stay strong, be kind to yourself, and never stop growing!

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