I Am Here To Save Your Audio – Brandon Jochum | Ep. 62




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This week on the podcast the format is a little bit different than normal. This episode, I turn things over to my mastering engineer, Brandon Jochum, to teach us a little bit about the importance and effects of the mastering process. Using last weeks episode with Patrick Oliverio, Brandon takes us through exactly what he does and why he does it while mastering “That’s Not Spit, It’s Condensation!”

Mastering has always been a part of the process I haven’t understood very clearly. When recording my trumpet cd, I thought mastering was going to be a second opportunity to mix things together. I had no understanding of why we need to master our audio, so I’m thankful Brandon took the time to help me (and my listeners) gain a better understanding.

Working with Brandon is a bit of a dream come true. He’s been one of my best friends for my entire life. We’ve been through everything together. To have the opportunity to work with him on this podcast has been incredible. If you have any projects to record, edit, mix, or master, consider contacting Brandon to see how he might be able to help.

Brandon’s website – https://www.epiphanyrecordingstudio.com/

Brandon’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/that_branjose_life/

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