I Have No Use For Woodwinds Anymore – Lee Harrelson | Ep. 65




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This episode of the podcast features Lee Harrelson. I know Lee as the artistic director of the Fountain City Brass Band, but when you listen to the episode, you’ll find out he has 5-6 other job descriptions to his name. I’ve admired Lee’s leadership and work ethic for a number of years now, so it was really nice to get to sit down with him and pick apart the success he’s had during his career.

The whole episode is full of great content. Here are a few takeaways I thought were important:

Sometimes Your Path Chooses You

This is something Lee said near the beginning of his interview. Many of us are looking to find our purpose in life; we’re searching for the correct path to take. Lee recalls feeling like a life in music found him and kept calling to him over and over. Now, he looks back with clarity that he was simply following his passion in life.

Everything Has A Beginning

It can be easy to look at the success of a group like the Fountain City Brass Band and think, “Of course they’re great, they’ve always been great!” This interview paints a different picture though. The band had humble beginnings, based on a passion and a dream. They didn’t have the correct instruments in the beginning, they didn’t always have a great rehearsal space, but the love of the music and the respect the members had for each other is what kept things going.

Success Comes With Sacrifice

Nearly all high functioning people that experience success in life have done it at a price. Whether they had to take a huge financial risk, they quit a secure job to start their own business, or they were away from their family to invest their energy elsewhere, it’s not always easy to make those choices. Supportive families are basically a requirement for experiencing success. I really appreciate Lee being willing to open up about his struggles balancing work, the band, family life, and more.

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I hope you have a great day, and remember: stay strong, be kind to yourself, and never stop growing!

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